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Author:    Release Date: January 27, 2021  Source: Shandong Energy Group


Established and in the construction machine capacity 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceof 16 million kilowatts。Construction of the Shandong Peninsula 10 million kilowatt -level maritime wind power base、Lubei Salone Salt Beach Ten thousand kilowatts of landscape storage integrated base、Southwestern Luni coal mining sinking area 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancephotovoltaic power generation base、External Electric Entering Lushan Channel is renewable energy, etc.Four Bases ",Promote the development of the entire industry chain of "sea and land landscape hydrogen storage",900,000 kilowatts of offshore 2024 European Cup Live Bettingwind power in Bozhong became the largest sea -grid -connected power generation project in my country during the "14th Five -Year Plan" period。Actively actively actively act as "Mongolia Entering Lu" and "Long Electric Entering Lu" Euro 2024 qualifying resultsstrategic subject's heavy responsibility,Building a grid -connected 1.9 million kilowatt coal motor crew。