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Shandong Energy Hoster Energy Organization Training Course of State -owned Enterprise Management Cadres

Author: Kong Bin Xue Rui  Release Date: May 11, 2024

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance

According to the group's annual training plan 2024 European Cup Live Bettingand training course curriculum,May 11,Shandong Energy held the third training course for financial management capabilities of state -owned enterprise management cadres。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy、Directors、General Manager Zhou Hong,Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Euro 2024 qualifying resultsLiu Jian participated in learning at the main venue。

Training invites assistant dean of the Business School of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics、Director of Case Center、Professor Wang Shaofei, a postdoctoral of accounting, give lectures。The theme of him based on "Strategic Finance and Model Analysis",Following the practice of fusion European Cup football resultsof domestic and foreign industries,Surrounding financial positioning、Business model、Financial Strategy、Financial analysis and other aspects to explain in -depth explanations,and analyze the financial statements and typical cases。

It is understood,Professor Wang Shaofei's main research field is financial analysis、Euro 2024 qualifying resultsFinancial Management、Capital Market、The impact of government behavior and contract structure on accounting information、Project financial management and other aspects,Published a number of papers in academic journals such as "Audit Research" and "Statistics Research",Outstanding Thesis Award for the "Academic Symposium on Accounting Theory" European Cup football resultsby the China Accounting Society。

Shandong Energy Financial Director Yang Zaichang presided over the training course.

2024 European Cup Betting Entrance