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Shandong Energy Group and Inner Mongolia Energy Group discussed and exchanged

Author: Li Jing  Yu Huan    Release Date: May 13, 2024

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This website News May 13th,Secretary of the Party Committee Betting on Euro 2024of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei visited the Party Committee Secretary of the Inner Mongolia Energy Group in Hohhot、Chairman Zhang Haifeng,Confession between the two parties around electric and coal Betting on Euro 2024insurance、Coal Resources、New energy and other fields cooperate with discussions and exchanges。

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Li Wei expressed his gratitude for his care for Shandong Energy Group for a long time,and introduced the reform and development Betting on Euro 2024of Shandong Energy Group、Industrial layout、Development plan in Mongolia。He said,Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region as an important strategic support base for the high -quality development of Shandong Energy Group,Euro 2024 qualifying resultsIt will conscientiously implement the "Framework Agreement on Energy Strategic Cooperation", Montanulu,Continue to deepen friendly cooperation with Inner Mongolia Energy Group。I hope that the two parties will further play their respective advantages,Increase the intensity of traditional energy and new energy development,Create a new model of state -owned enterprise mutual benefit and win -win cooperation,Make 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancea greater contribution to the realization of green and low -carbon high -quality development for the two provinces of Mongolu。

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Zhang Haifeng said,Shandong Energy Group is a banner of the energy industry,Reform of state -owned enterprises、Technology Innovation、Talent training、Creation of first -class enterprises has valuable experience,It is worth learning from Inner Mongolia Energy Group。By signing a strategic cooperation Euro 2024 qualifying resultsframework agreement,The key development areas of the two parties are highly fit,The future cooperation space is broad。I hope the two parties will further strengthen communication,Continue deepening consolidation strategic cooperation relationship,mutual help、Together with the same direction,Jointly contribute to promoting the development of the energy industry。

Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee Betting on Euro 2024of Shandong Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Zhang Ruoxiang、Liu Qiang,Member of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Energy Group、Deputy General Manager Sun Liangwen、Zhang Hongbo attended the discussion。