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Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Emergency Management Department leaders come to Shandong Energy Inspection

Author: Kong Bin Xue Rui  Liu Qiang    Release Date: May 16, 2024

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This website News May 16th,Member of the Party Committee of the Emergency Management Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Mining Security Service Guarantee Center Party Secretary Niu Xuexing,accompanied by Zhu Hui, a second -level inspector of the Energy Bureau of Shandong Province, went to Shandong Energy Examination。European Cup football resultsDeputy Secretary of Shandong Energy Party Committee、Directors、General Manager Zhou Hong received Niu Xuexing and his line。

Zhou Hong expressed his gratitude to the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Emergency Management Department for his care and support for Shandong Energy Enterprises for many years,and introduced the digital transformation of the enterprise、Intelligent construction of coal mine。He said,In recent years,Shandong Energy Tree "Technology Xing'an、Classification Promotion、No one is safe European Cup football results"and" actual practical effectiveness "concept,Strengthen the top -level design、Planning Operation、Classification Promotion、Management synergy、Technology support、System upgrade and other element guarantees,Accelerate the Internet、Big Data、Artificial Intelligence、5G and other new infrastructure and mines in depth integration,Digital transformation support and empower enterprise cost reduction and efficiency、Lean Management、Reform and innovation。

Niu Xuexing has been producing safely in Shandong Energy in recent years、Digital transformation、The achievements achieved in the aspects of intelligent construction will be appreciated。He said,Shandong Energy as the backbone enterprise of the energy industry,High -quality development effectiveness is at the forefront of the industry,Good experience、Good approach is worth learning from Xinjiang enterprises to learn from。I hope that both parties to the local Betting on Euro 2024enterprises will strengthen communication,Explore cooperation mode,Digital transformation、Intelligent construction、Deepen cooperation in the training of professional talents,Working together to help local enterprises high -quality development。

I am,Niu Xuexing also arrived at Yun Ding Technology、Yoshiyura Energy -owned Unit on -site inspection,Detailed understanding of the digital construction of the enterprise、Application of artificial intelligence Euro 2024 qualifying resultsscene、Intelligent construction of coal mine。

Member of the Party Committee of the Mine Security Service Guarantee Center of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Deputy Director Wei Jun,Standing Committee Member of the Shandong Energy Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Liu Jian participated in the event。