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Deputy Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee、Governor Zhou Naixiang accompanied the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps delegation to the Shandong Energy Group for inspection

Author: Kong Bin Xue Rui  Release Date: May 16, 2024

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This website News May 15,Deputy Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee、Governor Zhou Naixiang accompanied the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Secretary of the European Cup football resultsParty Committee of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps、Political Commissar Li Yifei,Vice Chairman of the Government of the Autonomous Region、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Corps、Commander Xue Bin came to Shandong Energy Group for inspection。

Exhibition Hall in Shandong Energy Group,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei reported on corporate reform and development、Safe development、Innovative 2024 European Cup Live Bettingdevelopment、Green Low Carbon Development and other work conditions,Focus on introducing the development and construction of the Shandong Energy Group Enterprise in Xinjiang and the next development plan。

In recent years,Shandong Energy Group conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council、Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government's Oral Aid Registration requirements,Since entering Xinjiang Development and Construction in 2004,Active integration European Cup football resultsinto Xinjiang's economic and social development,Cumulative investment of 38 billion yuan,Based on coal production、Resource conversion to lead、Coalization integrated fusion development industrial structure,Form the "Three Garden and Five Land" regional layout。Next,Shandong Energy Group will insist on taking the Xinjiang base as the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative、An important support base for "industrial aid",Construction 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceof the "Eight Industrial Clusters" around Xinjiang,Innovation "Resources+Capital" development model,Based on the development of coal resources、Taking modern coal chemical as a demonstration、Supplement with electricity and new energy、Support with modern logistics and high -end equipment,Accelerate the construction of a comprehensive development base for the integration of the green and low -carbon industry,Contributing Mountain Energy for Building Lujiang European Cup football resultsIntegrate High -quality Development。

Xinjiang Production Construction Corps、Shandong Province、Relevant leaders of Jinan City,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy Group、Directors、General Manager Zhou Hong participated in the event。