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"Shandong State -owned Asset Science and Technology Base" settled in Shandong Energy

Author: Li Jing Kong Bin Feng Jinlei Xue Rui  Release Date: August 18, 2022

This website Jinan News  On the afternoon of August 18,Shandong State -owned Asset Science and Technology Innovation Base Active Ceremony is held in Shandong Energy。Member of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Deputy Director Wang Xuchao,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Energy、Chairman Li Wei delivered a speech,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Director、General Manager Zhang Baocai presided over the awarding ceremony。

Wang Xuchao said,"Shandong State -owned Science and Technology Base" is to focus on the "top ten" industrial fields of our province,To cultivate emerging industries、Gathering innovative talents、The technological achievement is transformed into a target,Give full play to the provincial enterprise industry chain "chain owner" to lead the leading role,Deploy an innovation chain around the industrial chain,The industry chain of the innovation chain layout,Create distinctive characteristics of innovation ecology,Improve the level of scientific and technological innovation,Constructing a new carrier for scientific and technological innovation of state -owned state -owned enterprises。I hope that Shandong Energy will bear the heavy responsibility of building a provincial -owned state -owned state -owned state -owned enterprise science and innovation carrier,Further improve the construction plan of science and technology innovation base,Clarify the development planning goals,Improve the science and technology innovation system,Configuration in resource、Fund input、Gathering more resources for talent introduction,Create "Shandong State -owned Assets and Creative Base" into an advantage、distinctive features、A vitality of science and technology innovation high ground,Continue to walk ahead,Dangdang "Volleyball Soldiers",strongly supports the construction of Shandong Science and Technology Strong Province。

Li Wei said,Construction of "Shandong State -owned Assets and Technology Innovation Base" is an important measure to build a provincial state -owned assets commission to improve the level of scientific and technological innovation of the provincial enterprise,It is also a concrete action to implement the spirit of the high -quality development work conference of state -owned enterprises in the province。Shandong Energy attaches great importance to the construction of state -owned science and technology innovation bases,High starting point layout、High standard construction Jinan Mountain Energy Science and Technology Park,Create the "two bases and two centers" leading the development of the industry's development。According to "Technology R & D、Achievements conversion、Corporate incubation、Talent Quotation "strategic positioning,Construction of large gas gasization and national engineering research center of coal -based new materials、New Material Research Center、Shanneng-Shanjing Industrial Research Institute and 6 major R & D platforms,Create a world -class science and technology innovation base,Gradually formed "Basic Research+Technical Reserve+Achievement Industrialization+Science and Technology Finance+Talent Support" full -process innovation ecological chain。Next,Shandong Energy takes this license as power,In -depth implementation of innovation -driven development strategy,Continuous optimization of scientific and technological innovation ecology,Increase R & D investment、Policy support、Talent introduction work strength,Do your best、Do it、A stronger "Shandong State -owned Science and Technology Base",Really build the innovation base into a source of scientific and technological innovation strategies in the provincial enterprise、Achievements Converting Incubation Place、Empowerment to develop a new highland,Contribute Mountain Begger for the Construction of Shandong Province's Strong Provincial Construction。

Wang Xuchao awarded a license to Shandong Energy on behalf of the Provincial SASAC,Visit the Shandong Energy Science and Technology Exhibition。

Shandong Energy Leader Yue Baode、Zhang Ruoxiang、Liu Yuanchao、Liu Jian、Rugang,Chief Engineer Sun Xikui,Chief Engineer Sun Xikui,Secretary of the board of directors、Secret Director Xu Xichao participated in the event。