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Yun Ding Technology: Open up the vast market with new productivity

Author: Liu Qiang  Release Date: May 13, 2024

April 28,Yun Ding Technology will use the bid for 153 million yuan to win the State Management Network Digital Platform AI to enable large model software and hardware framework items,This is the first 100 million -level project of Yunding Technology's artificial intelligence external market,It is also a transformation and rename、Development of new quality productivity brings a microcosm of market development。

Since this year,Yun Ding Technology grasps the "wave",It set off a "boom" of the officer entrepreneurial entrepreneurship。major projects one by one followed、A series of scientific and technological innovation achievements landing、"Fist" products to seize the market ...,A vivid and new productive practice map,Qi outline "Thousand Sails Competitive、Bai Ye Fighting Stream "。

2024 European Cup Betting EntranceStanding at the time of the times to seize the opportunity

The potential of the traveler also,When the person who is not lost, it also。The most popular vocabulary this year is undoubtedly new productive forces。For Yun Ding Technology,Itself has high -tech attributes、Poor talent support、Vast experimental fields and many advantages,Occupied "Time", "Land", "People and",Development of new quality productivity is also water to get into the canal。

The development of new quality products cannot be separated from a key engine -artificial intelligence。

After Shandong Energy Group released the world's first major mines in the energy industry last year,Yunding Technology Construction Artificial Intelligence Training Center,Develop AI service platform,less than 1 year,Quickly promote the large mines to enter the stage of large -scale replication。Current,Already in Xinglongzhuang Coal Mine、Li Lou Coal Industry、Ji Erjia Coal Mine, including 32 factory and mining units, landed 682 scenes。6 coal mine companies in the external market、1 AI project of 1 chemical enterprise。It is worth noting that,This time the AI ​​project of the National Pipe Network Group of the National Pipe Network has achieved a based on the mining industry、Historical leap in other sectors in the field of radiation energy,It is a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology to enter the Betting on Euro 2024field of oil and gas,It is the company's stable status in the artificial intelligence market competition、Milestone on the higher peak。

After the energy industry "small reputation",Yun Ding Technology has begun to appear at the Science and Technology Exhibition。At the Huawei Cloud Ecological Conference,Yun Ding Technology、Guizhou Energy Group and Huawei Yunda Model Sign signed a contract,Provide Guizhou with a large model of real estate industry。At the Ordos Industrial Internet Developer Conference,Yun Ding Technology as AI partners,Signed a contract with Ordos Innovation Investment Group on artificial intelligence and other fields,Smart ecology in the coal industry。March 14,At the Huawei Chinese Partner Conference,Yun Ding Technology United Huawei Yun Posted by Huawei Cloud Stack Mine Industry Internet Program,Created a new paradigm for "AI Model+Application"。

After a series of achievements "exposure",The product has also gained a strong market position。Stable market demand、Strong market competitiveness,7045_7062。Performance Announcement in the first quarter of this year,In the first quarter, Yun Ding Technology belongs to the net profit of shareholders of listed companies about 47 million yuan,increased by 100.3%over the same period last year。

Only scientific and technological innovation can you win development active

The Hometown of Confucius and Mencius Euro 2024 qualifying resultsin April,Spring is full,Walk into the smart collection center of a coal mine in Jining, Shandong,No one can see a person at the scene,Smart robots are busy,Automatic laser burning coal sample,The gray division monitoring system in the factory area is running smoothly,Monitor the gray score for less than 20 minutes,It seems to be a "smart brain" of the energy system。

"It simulates the laboratory artificial test process,Not only the error caused by the human factors,and ash score detection accuracy error is less than 0.3%,Leading in China。Monitor water at the same time、Gray points、heat value and other indicators,Suitable for various complex coal samples。"Wei Ran, the person in charge of the project。

This is the latest SRA-815 intelligent online ash score detection system developed by Yun Ding Technology,As soon as the R & D is successful, it is by the canal coal mine、Golden Bridge Coal Mine and other mining companies grab "fresh" use。There are still many technologies such as such a technical breakthrough in Yunding Technology,The reason why it can land quickly,The answer lies in enough attention to scientific and technological innovation。

"Scientific and technological innovation is a 'key variable' in the world's century -old change bureau,As an energy technology company that has just been transformed for three years,Our rice bowl is technological innovation,Only innovation can break the situation,Euro 2024 qualifying resultscan you survive in a fiercely competitive market。"The Secretary of the Party Committee of Yun Ding Technology、General Manager Liu Bo said at the Wuxu Council and said。

Knowing it is clear, the more you do.

Last year,Yun Ding Technology R & D investment reached 77.854 million yuan,increased by 17.64%year -on -year,Continuous R & D investment,It also brings rich technical results。Personal Positioning System、Core products such as high -precision form change monitoring system have expanded from well coal mine to open -air ore、Coal selection plant、Electricity Industry,Realize cross -industry promotion and application。Intelligent auxiliary excavation system based on ore -based ore,Use the unified data of the mine to collect and check the data,Digging working surface reaches "less people" and "remote visual control"。"The R & D of the Artificial Intelligence Coal Selection Management System based on the Industrial Internet Platform" is listed as a major innovation project for technology leading cultivation enterprises。

The external market is the test gold stone for inspection product innovation

"Scientific and technological innovation must‘ ground gas ’,It should be applied to the specific industry and industrial chain in time,can be converted into real productivity。"Liu Bo said at the economic operation meeting in the first quarter。Innovative products are finally reflected European Cup football resultsin competitiveness,The competitiveness of the product requires external markets to test,Only products that are recognized by the market and customers,Innovation is valuable。

March 28,The employee life signs of the employee's life signs of Yunding Technology successfully passed the National Energy Group Wuhai Energy Acceptance。early April,The Division sent more than 10 people to enter Yunnan Energy Investment Group,Provide it with digital technical services and consultation support,Promote the realization of information management、Digital Empowerment、Intelligent upgrade。Self -developed equipment management system、Comprehensive management and control platforms and other products in Wudo Minben Group、Mengxi Mining and other customers realized landing。ERP and peripheral products to achieve important breakthroughs in the external market ......

Scientific and technological innovation brings technological achievements transformation,It also brought a broad external market。With excellent technology and high -quality products,In the first quarter of this year,A batch of batch of key projects signed a wave of contracts。

March 15,Winning Huaneng Coal Industry Mine 5G Integrated Integration Base Station Wireless Communication and Precision Positioning System Construction Service Project,Winning the bid for more than 1,400 million yuan。March Euro 2024 qualifying results28,Winning Yunnan Energy Investment Information Industry Development Company Safety Production Operation Monitoring and Emergency Command Center Construction Project,Winning the bid for 11.45 million yuan。April 25,Yun Ding Technology signed a cooperation agreement with Jiuyi Global Company,The two parties will develop applications for advanced technology and equipment、Safe and efficient smart mine construction cooperation。The external market projects in winning the bid are 5g、Big Data、Cloud computing、A new generation of information technology such as artificial intelligence is a new type of production element,These are market feedback brought about by the vivid practice of new productive forces。

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change waves come from the wave,New Industry、The new format is booming,Form a new round of cutting -edge technology、A boom in cutting -edge industry development。Next,Yun Ding Technology will adhere to the two -wheel drive of scientific and technological innovation and industrial operations,Guided by customer needs,market development as the faucet,Continuously promoting artificial intelligence、Big Data and other innovative technologies empower the industry,Promote the industry to intelligentization、Digital transformation and upgrade,Accelerate the formation of new productive forces,Give the market "Friends Circle"。

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