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New Mining Group: The Safety Lecture Hall calls you to listen to it

Author: Zhao Hui  Release Date: May 14, 2024

New Mine Group to improve employee safety awareness、Safety skills level for the purpose,Good safety classes above are breakthroughs,Strengthen employee safety learning,Improve employee safety and autonomous security awareness and ability,Consolidate the foundation。

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(Live on the Safe Lecture Hall of Xiezhuang Coal Mine)

A few days ago,New Mine Group Xiezhuang Coal Mine's Safety Knowledge Lecture Hall is officially held,Digging from the mine、Mechanical and Electrical Transport、Anti -Chong and other professional Euro 2024 qualifying resultsunits and other units to participate in training and study in installments。The lecture hall was taught by the person in charge of the mining and electrical professional,Teacher according to the actual situation of the mine,Combined with the case of the brothers' units,Theoretical combination of actual,Delivery in a simple way involved in coal mining、Digging、Mechanical and Electrical Transport、Defense、Security management and other content,and the management system involved、The problems existing in the on -site inspection of the superior department are comprehensive、Analysis of the system、Interpretation、Emphasized。

"These" targeted "professional courses,Turning the training mode of the previous' Big Water Manfang "type into a targeted、Practical ‘Precision Training’,It has a guiding effect on our actual production operations。"Employees have said。

"We continue to enhance the operation of employees' comprehensive mining equipment、Maintenance and management ability,Regular stent workers、Comprehensive mining and comprehensive excavation European Cup football resultsdriver、Special types of mechanical and electrical maintenance for training,Comprehensive explanation and demonstration of comprehensive mining comprehensive excavation important work processes、Work requirements and standards,Further improve the skill quality of employees。"Introduction of the person in charge of Xiezhuang Coal Mine of Xin Mine Group。

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(Zhaizhen Coal Mine Safety Lecture Hall site)

On the Press Lecture Hall of New Mine Group,Mine chief、Deputy Mine Chief、Chief Engineer、Professional Vice President at least once a week "Watchwood" and "Being a Lecturer"。

Liangzhuang Mining, New Mining Group,Do they use "what to control、What to refine、What to say "is the principle,7598_7624,Carefully arrange management cadres to talk about the training plan,Management for on -site security、Employee behavior specifications、Security laws and regulations、Intelligent management of equipment to teach lectures。At the same time,The company also carefully selects technical personnel with rich experience in work、Business backbone formed a lecturer team,Enter the grass -roots European Cup football resultstour lecture、Walk to the live scene to teach,Key about lecture、Practice、Experience,I received a good training effect。

At the same time,They are also divided into shifts,The time before and daily fragmented time,Inside the district team,Based on the actual problems of each position and the main problems of production safety,Face -to -face files with employees、Talking system、Skills,Focus on improving the theoretical level and business quality of employees,Promoting mine safety production。

"Today I will tell you about our main and sideline automatic improvement system,Pay attention to see,This is our main well -promoting system dynamic model ... "

New Mining Group Zhai Zhen Coal Mine Workers' Lecture Hall Teacher Electric La La Wang Weiming is concentrating on explaining automatic improvement system operation knowledge for employees。

"If you want to talk about coloring in the classroom,This is forced to force yourself on the basis of accurate mastering,Think about the principle of equipment operation。"Wang Weiming said,Questions and Answers of the Workers' Lecture Hall,always set Euro 2024 qualifying resultsoff brainstorming,One item Jingliao operation method、Technical innovation small invention will be born after class。

In the New Mining Group,Except for enterprise professionals on safety, extra -curricular,They will also regularly invite college professors and experts from higher -level supervision departments for safety counseling。

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(Suncun Coal Mine External Application Expert Safety Teaching Line)

"The failure of possible anti -running defense partial protection devices will fail,Be sure to improve the installation standard,Select a reliable sensor,Equipped with a dual -set sensor,Connected control line,Strengthen daily inspection、Test、Maintenance ... "

To better adapt to the new normal of safety supervision,Learning to all laws and regulations and the requirements of various systems,New Mine Group Suncun Coal Mine Combine its own actual,Prevent of accidents、Hidden Danger Investigation and Management、Technical problems, etc.,Invite well -known college professors and experts from higher -level supervision departments to conduct special lectures,For the hidden danger 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceinvestigation encountered in actual production、Peak safety、Anti -Chong and other professional issues,Through "Scriptures" and "Passing Bible Send Treasures" and other methods to answer questions for employees,Comprehensive and diversified improvement of all staff's safety quality。

"Please come in 'method with this' please come in",Not only can improve the depth of understanding of all regulations and systems,Learn advanced experience and practice,It can also allow everyone to feel more intuitive about various practical problems involved in the teaching,to wake yourself up,Learn with questions、To correct bias,Better guarantee safety production。"Introduction of Suncun Coal Mine Safety Director of New Mine Group。

"Many of the content mentioned in the lecture are details that are particularly easy to ignore in our work,For example, gas emission measures、Checking frequency and records,Through this study, I have a deeper and detailed understanding of the operating standards in my work,It has a strong guidance effect on formal assignments in the future。"Liu Zhizhi, an employee of the Mine 2024 European Cup Betting Entrance-Levenging Zone, said。

At the same time,To ensure learning effect,The mine also records the lecture content into a professional video,In a professional meeting、District Team Meeting、Watch and explore at the pre -class meeting,Ensure that "100 % of personnel cover", "Learning to participate 100 %", "Exchange and Increase 100 %"。

"We rank the science point of Shanneng E,Pay scores above 300 or more,and the top 10 employees in the points,Give 200 yuan for each person,Employees ranked 11-20 to give 100 yuan award,Credit in salary directly,Let everyone learn、Learning has effectiveness,Learning has effectiveness。"Introduction of the person in charge of Suncun Coal Mine Safety Training Center。

In the New Mining Group,Chief of Mine、Deputy Mine Chief、Vice President,Captain in the District、Class team leader and professional technologies,Then go to external experts and professors to regularly go to the "Employee Lecture Hall" to teach the employees for employees to improve the safety skills and professional skills of employees,This has also played an effective role for consolidating the foundation of corporate security。

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