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Wonderful life with struggle -remember the "National May Day Labor Medal" winner of Nantun Coal Mine Production Service Center Xie Cuihong

Author: Zhang Nannan  Release Date: May 14, 2024

"There is a dream in my heart,Power under your feet! "This sentence is used for Xie Cuihong, the director of the Nantun Coal Mine Production Service Center, who has just won the" National May Day Labor Medal "this year.。

Speaking refreshing、Xie Cuihong, who is capable of doing things,Facing Honor open -minded and indifferent,But in the face of work,But like a fire。Work for more than 20 years,She has a good skill in the front line of production,From the company's "Excellent Jobs" to "National May 1st Paper",From "Jining City Outstanding Technology Workers" to "Master of Coal Industry Skills",From the "May 1 Labor Medal in Shandong Province" to "National May Day Labor Medal",A medal、One item honor,Show the growth of a new era of model workers in the new era,Write the oath of unrequited regrets of coal sea。

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2024 European Cup Betting EntranceThick accumulation, she turns "dreams" into "reality"

2000,Xie Cuhong, who graduated from college, is pregnant with longing and dreams,Come to the mine production service center,Flotted, she secretly determined,Be sure to apply what you have learned into work practice。

But,Repeated frustrations in real work,Let her realize the importance of combining theory and practice。Breakthrough to achieve technology,Xie Cuihong left the technician identity,Replace the workstar,Actively requires the front line of production,Go to the workshop for the masters,Use all practical opportunities to accumulate experience。Every time you encounter problems that cannot be solved,Just ask the master in the unit for the first time,Then I buried my head to study,If you don’t understand。Others have been off work,She still holds the book and reads it with interest ... That's it,With a modest and rigorous work attitude and practical action of diligent learning,Xie Cuihong has mastered the excellent technology,Growing into the industry in the industry soon。

In the mine,Although the well is not the same thing,But the gay gay is not common,and Xie Cuihong used the practicality of the design and transformation project,But often go to the bottom of the well to learn about the operation of the equipment。

"Where is the demand for on -site employees,Where Euro 2024 qualifying resultsis the improvement point of the innovative project,As a production and processing unit,The designed and produced things must be tried on the spot to know if it is necessary,How to further optimize and improve。"Xie Cuihong said。She cherishes the opportunity to go down the well,I will remember the key points of the recently designed and transformed equipment in advance in the heart,Record the on -site employees' ideas and opinions on the equipment one by one,Go back to the control drawing、Repeated scrutiny of the control data,Make sure that the design is more accurate。

August 2014,The model worker (high -skilled talent) innovation studio named after Xie Cuihong's name,This is both affirmation of her work,It is another new challenge,It is a heavy responsibility。She actively plays the role of the leader,Lead everyone courage to make progress、Bold innovation,overcome one technical difficulties after time,Launched one after another innovative technology,Provides strong technical support for the development of the mine。

Opportunity is left for those who are prepared。2020,Xie Cuihong was appointed Director of the Production Service Center,For her from a technical background,Management is another new homework。Even so,She still maintains an optimistic and positive attitude,step by step,Practice is a real skills,The gorgeous turn from technical experts to management backbone。

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Pioneering and innovation, she turned into "Leader" from "Following Runner"

"Take the use of scientific and technological innovation and on -site technological reforms as improving production efficiency、Key measures to reduce production costs,Enhance the on -site safety operation coefficient、Reduce workers' labor intensity as the starting point and setting point of technological innovation。"is Xie Cuihong's consistent original mission。

She clearly remember,The first innovation project I made,It is to study the line control button of the driving operation in the workshop with the electrician to change to the remote control button,Added a security guarantee to the workers。Although it is a small transformation,But let her experience the happiness of innovation。

Since then,Xie Cuihong is full of dedication to equipment technology research and on -site applications,To create a safe and efficient mine。

2019,Xie Cuihong is temporarily ordered to be a 3306 excavation working face design a simple structure、High -efficiency and effort to expand the eyebrows。Time、Mission weight,To meet the requirements of under the well as possible,She went down the well many times to the site to survey,Measurement comparison data,Precise pulse equipment。Occasionally learned that the undercut belt machine is installed tedious and running seriously,Xie Cuihong carefully studied、Active exploration,European Cup football resultsDesign a detachable field automatic correction of the leather band machine,and after dozens of on -site improvements,Finally succeed,greatly improved labor efficiency,reduces the labor intensity of employees,This design is also a national invention patent。

As the service life of the mine is extended,Some old equipment is low in mechanization、Poor safety performance and other questions,To solve this status quo,Xie Cuihong after several research and analysis,The idea of ​​adding a protective device,and participate in technical transformation。Developed "Three -proof Light Control Safety Device",Make corresponding output control through lighting and voice control feedback signals,Remind the operator to judge the safety of the operation site and equipment。This device structure is simple,Easy to install,and the cost is lower,It has been widely used in shear machines、In a variety of mechanical equipment such as sawing beds,Realized persons、Double intelligent protection of the equipment。

"Development and Application of Mining Mobile Auto Auto -Correction Belt conveyor" won the third prize of the Shandong Provincial Employee Innovation and Effective Competition,The "Mine -purpose Silee conveyor" project obtains a national invention patent,"Digging Erroba Belt Transporter", including 11 projects including 11 projects, obtained national practical patents,"The Development European Cup football resultsof the Effective Steering Device of Gongfang Steel Claw", as the only representative of the coal industry to display it on the National Excellent QC Group Achievement Forum,and won the "Gold Award" ... Over the years,Xie Cuihong has completed more than 100 items of various technological innovation results,Cumulative tens of millions of dollars for the mineral efficiency。

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Inheritance of salary fire, she is the "Top Soldiers" brought out the "Poor Corps"

From novice Xiaobai to Technical backbone,From the master of skill to the studio leader,The character has changed,The responsibility on the body is also heavier。

"There is never a shortcut to go,Just study hard。"This is Xie Cuhong's experience of his work。The situation of uneven levels of employees in the unit,She combed the skill characteristics of each employee one by one,Grasp the management and team construction of team team with heart。

In management,She combined with the actual work,Establish a special training base for electromechanical and electrical、Carry out the special training and mechanical product quality control of all employees for emergency rescue mechanical and electrical、Computer drawing and other training,Improve the professional level of machinery。Use internal lectures、Team communication and other public opinion positions,Actively promoting and promoting advanced individuals and typical cases of innovation and creative effects,The Euro 2024 qualifying resultschange of ideas to stimulates the enthusiasm and vitality of employees to participate in innovation and creation。

In practice,She is not hesitation,Summarize your skill experience for many years and share it with everyone,Learn skills,Encourage everyone to think independently、Bold innovation,Use the innovative studio platform to carry out topic research。and actively do "pass、Help、Belt,Every time on the spot,She has to bring her apprentice with her,Let the apprentices familiar with the principle of equipment in the investigation of hidden dangers,Learn for equipment structure during disassembly installation,Summary and improvement in solving problems。

The power of the example is endless,Under the drive and influence of Xie Cuihong,The wind is strong in learning,Studio members are solid skills,Employees are enthusiastic about work and rose,A lot of results have been achieved in the fields that they are good at。

Over the years,Xie Cuihong rely on the Innovation Studio,Cultivate 4 senior engineers、5 people in engineers、1 senior technician、4 people,Members of the Studio's backbone are rated as "Shanneng Artisan" and "Shandong Energy Construction Gongs and Establishing Wallets" and other honorary titles,Forged a group of dare to break through、High -quality talent team with strong business。

With the rapid development of the enterprise,Xie Cuihong runs hard,Fighting Fighting Betting on Euro 2024Dream,Use down -to -earth struggle and persistent efforts,Realize life value,Draw the "most beautiful appearance" of coal miners in the new era。

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