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New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy: Energy -saving and environmentally friendly brighter green and efficient development business card

Author: Xu Jin  Wang Shibo  Ma Rong    Release Date: May 16, 2024

New Mine Inner Mongolia 2024 European Cup Live Betting on Euro 2024BettingEnergy takes the lead to practice green low -carbon production method,Leading green low carbon,Continuous optimization path selection,Create smart kinetic energy,Accelerate the transition from traditional energy companies to new energy companies,Focus on creating green、Efficient、Smart Industry Cluster,Going out a road to low -carbon and high -quality development。

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(Yuxing Coal Mine is underground or field underground)

May,Enter the Qi Panjing Ecological Park, Etoch Banner, Inner Mongolia,Green leaves everywhere、Herbal lush lush、The scene of bird language flowers,Town residents and employees run here、Leisure view,2024 European Cup Live BettingEuropean Cup football resultsFull harmony and nature。Under this beautiful ecological park,It is the main area of ​​the new mine Inner Mongolia Energy Yuxing Coal Mine。

Governance of Kwal Ock of Coal Mine、solid waste use、Comprehensive utilization of dry water in the well、Ecological repair、Ecological Park, which is a one of garden landscape construction,Not only the "cradle" of the economic interests of Yuxing Coal Mine,It is the vivid practice of the construction of green mine in the new mine in Inner Mongolia。

"Underground field,The creation of the two -phase mode of the Park "Park,Thanks to the application of new coal mining technology Euro 2024 qualifying resultsin Inner Mongolia in the Betting on Euro 2024new mine。The company enhances scientific and technological innovation leaders,Relying on the R & D platform of the "National Confilling Engineering Laboratory" of Yuxing Coal Mine,Establishment of Lian Cai Chong Institute,Projects related to the continuous recruitment process,Autonomous research and development of "no coal out of coal、Don’t see、Sewage is not discharged、Full filling of solid waste、The ground does not settle、The "Five Both" mining mode of the environment is not damaged,Working face single -sided monthly production creates 75,000 tons of good level,Plove the green and high Euro 2024 qualifying results-efficiency filling business card。

"We always practice the development concept of‘ Qingshan and Green Water is Jinshan Yinshan ’,Continuous innovation Optimization and filling the mining process,On the basis of protecting the ecological environment,Created considerable economic benefits。"Fang Wanwei, deputy general manager of the new mine in Inner Mongolia, introduced。

(Hengkun Chemical Create Green Energy -saving Factory)

Coal implementation green mining,Chemical industry is also changing motivation。In recent years,New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy Lock "Wisdom Hengkun、Digital Chemical "construction target,Vigorously implement Euro 2024 qualifying resultsEuro 2024 qualifying resultsthe sewage expansion project,Constantly improving sewage treatment capabilities。New pre -processing system、Biochemical treatment system、Antonation water treatment system,Reform the existing biochemical treatment device,Increase the sewage treatment capacity from 50m³/h to 108m³/h,Satisfy the desulfurization waste liquid、Desulfurization and Nitrite waste liquid and dry focus project,Reaches zero discharge of wastewater。

(Building photovoltaic in the desert)

At the same time,New Mine Inner Mongolia Energy relies on the vast area of ​​Inner Mongolia、Favorite factor for long light time,Vigorously promote European Cup football resultsthe construction of photovoltaic 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceprojects。October 2023,The company's 20.1MW distributed photovoltaic project is completed and puts forward,As of now,Cumulative production of "Green Electric" 16.2 million KW,Replaced high -priced Mongolian Electric,Reduced corporate operating costs。While building a photovoltaic power plant at high standards,Key to carry out the environmental governance work of the mining empty area,Mining economy is an ecological economy,Let the "Kuotong Area" transform into a "cornucopia"。

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