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Yan Mineral Energy: "Festival" can be used to compose green low -carbon development movements

Author: Wang Yanqin  Bailinsen    Release Date: May 16, 2024

May 13th to 19th of this year is the National Energy Conservation Publicity Week,The theme is "Green Transformation  Energy -saving tackling ", the theme of the low -carbon day activity is" green low carbon  Beautiful China "。Yan Mining Energy takes this as an opportunity,Publicity and educational education for energy conservation and consumption reduction,Promote the formation of green and low -carbon production methods and lifestyles。

Energy -saving consumption reduction,High -quality development related to enterprises。Yankuang Energy fully implements the 20th spirit of the party,Thinking of Xi Jinping Ecological Civilization Thought,Full、Accurate、Comprehensive implementation of new development concepts,Accelerate the construction of a new development pattern,Euro 2024 qualifying resultsClose "Carbon Dafeng Carbon Neutralization" target task,Implement a comprehensive saving strategy。Adhere to high carbon energy and low carbonization、Clean energy scale、Comprehensive energy intelligent development direction,Coordinated carbon reduction、Discovering、expand green、Growth,To promote ecological priority、Save collection、Green and Low -Carbon Development made new contributions。

Diligence and frugality、Reasonable energy。Propaganda and education activities with energy saving consumption reduction series officially kicked off,Yoshi -Mineral Energy Energy Conservation and Consumption Reduction and Publicity "two hands、Two wrongs ",Promote the 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceproduction method and lifestyle of the formation of green and low -carbon for all cadres and employees。Widely publicize the new experience of energy -saving work and ecological civilization construction of the unit、New approach、New results,Encourage the public to choose simple and moderate、Green and Low -carbon lifestyle。Frequent knowledge of climate change,Promote the concept of low -carbon development,Mobilize all employees to participate in low -carbon operations,Planting green development concept,Further promote the formation of diligence and thrift、Social fashion that uses reasonable energy。

Energy -saving and low carbon、Everyone is responsible。Yankuang Energy Units 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancearound the focus of publicity,Thruster、Simple、Practical carried out various publicity activities,Careful Organization,Thoughtful arrangement,Activity Method of Innovation,Rich propaganda content,Advocate at the same time、Encourage employees to actively participate in energy -saving and low -carbon activities,Reduce disposable supplies,Reduce standby energy consumption,Carry out experience activities such as stopping air conditioning and turning off public areas。Encourage public transport、Riding a bicycle or walking for get off work,Experience energy in low -carbon office mode and travel method,Support energy saving emission reduction。

Come European Cup football resultson for days,Yankuang Energy Units are closely combined with work actual work,Tightly surround the theme of propaganda,Take the lead in practicing green low -carbon production lifestyle,Increase the application of energy saving and carbon -reducing advanced technology,Continue to promote energy saving reduction and renovation and equipment update of key areas。Take the National Energy Conservation Publicity Week and Low Carbon Day Activities as an opportunity,Make full use of the Internet、WeChat and other media,Carry out legal education、System promotion、Low -carbon Day activity,Vigorously popularize the concept of ecological civilization and domestic and foreign energy -saving and low -carbon new technology、European Cup football resultsNew crafts and new knowledge,In -depth promotion of resources such as "Save Energy Law" and other resources、Clean production、Laws and regulations of the construction of circular economy and ecological civilization、Policy Standards,Guide the majority of cadres and employees to fully understand the importance of doing energy conservation,Improve the awareness and responsibility awareness of all staff。

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