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Baojian Coal Mine: Create an "green business card" for energy conservation and emission reduction "green business card"

Author: Jiao Chao  Release date: May 16, 2024

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Bobo Coal Mine closely focuses on energy saving and emission reduction European Cup football resultsEuro 2024 qualifying resultstarget tasks,Vigorously implement "normal propaganda、Objective management、Source control、Integrated Promotion "working mode,Refined responsibility list、Quantitative target task,Ensure energy -saving and emission reduction work safety、smooth、Efficient Promotion。

Euro 2024 qualifying resultsThe mine is closely around the tree planting festival、World Environment Day、National Ecological Day and other important time nodes,Organize energy conservation and emission reduction、Publicity activities such as environmental protection knowledge。On the Baojian Coal Mine Website、WeChat subscription number opens column,Use the electronic screen of the office building to play publicity slogans and other methods,Vigorously publicize the importance of environmental protection governance,Popularized environmental protection knowledge,Efforts to create "everyone pays attention to environmental protection、Participate in environmental protection "strong atmosphere。At the same time,Clarifying the environmental protection training content of grass -roots units、Check -in,Requires grass -roots units to strictly organize environmental knowledge training in accordance with the plan,Effectively enhance the awareness of environmental protection。

Adhere to the target management.Establishing energy conservation and emission reduction work leadership group,Establish a full -time management agency,Determine the person in charge of each unit for energy conservation and emission reduction,Each unit is equipped with 1-2 energy-saving emission reduction netters,Responsible for data statistics、Data report、On -site inspection and other work。Strictly follow the requirements of the superior,Formulate "Opinions of Environmental Energy Conservation Work" every year,Signing the target responsibility letter step by step,All units at the grassroots level organize a self -inspection every month,This mine conducts a check every quarter,Make sure that the work of energy conservation and emission reduction is implemented、Get results。

Persist in source control.Strict implementation of project construction、Energy -saving evaluation、Environmental evaluation "Three Simer" system,Incorporate energy -saving and emission reduction work into the scope of engineering measures,Effectively integrate into all aspects of the production of mine。Persist in grabbing the head and face of the mining operation,Focus on grouting、anti -fire、Digging water warehouse under the well、Oil、The source of water pollution such as emulsification solution leak,Establish and implement the "Prevention Measures and Emergency Treatment Measures for High Concentration Water and Pouring Water Emissions and Evolution of Water in the well",Once the emergency situation of water treatment occurs,Decisively implementing reversing emergency measures,Make sure that water quality meets the standard emissions。

Persistence integrated advancement.Comprehensive implementation of cooperation combat,Establishing a department linkage mechanism,Production、Organic combination of living systems,Energy -saving reduction reduction into production、An important part of the living system。Strict control of power consumption,Strengthen power management,Daily analysis of mining tons of coal power、Yanmi single consumption、Coal washing power,Dynamic optimization production process,Effective use of the best economic operation point of large equipment,Reasonable investment of equipment running tables,Reduce the energy consumption of production system equipment。Perform centralized boot stop,Reduce light load and empty load operation time,Make sure the production and transportation system is economically running efficiently。

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