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Shuangxin Mining: Implement the new requirements for high -quality development "vanguard"

Author: Ma Liangliang Sisha  Release Date: May 17, 2024  Source: Northwest Mining Shuangxin Mining Company

"We must continue to do a good job of optimizing and improvement of major systems of intelligent working surfaces,Maintain the normalized operation of the working surface,On the basis of the "277" controller's goal,In -depth promotion of staff reduction efficiency。"",Northwest Mining Shuangxin Mining Party Secretary、Chairman、General Manager Hu Ping hosted a regular meeting,Focus on the deployment of intelligent construction。

May 8,Secretary of the European Cup football resultsParty Committee Betting on Euro 2024of Shandong Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei when he went to Shuangxin Mining Supervision and Inspection,New requirements for the work of Shuangxin Mining。Shuangxin Mining Requirements around the Party Committee of Energy Group,Combined with the actual work,Quickly implement the implementation,Continue to drive with intelligence、Standardized solidification、Low -cost protective casting cornerstone for mine development,Fight for high -quality development "Volleyball Soldiers"。

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Smart upgrade,Safe first。Shuangxin Mining Complete Mine Safety Monitoring and Monitoring System iterative upgrade,Successfully completes the KJ76X system and KJ90X system security switch。This upgrade not only realizes the deep integration of multiple systems in the well,From a single monitoring alarm control to a new height of analysis and warning linkage,provides a solid and reliable safety barrier for mine safety production,Further improved the ability of mine safety control。

To achieve the safety, efficient and stable operation of the auxiliary transportation,They rely on assisting Euro 2024 qualifying resultsthe transportation intelligent system,Integrated vehicle Betting on Euro 2024management、operation and maintenance、Schedule comprehensive functions,Fully create a "great arteries",Innovation will connect the intelligent logistics transportation system to the vehicle transportation management platform、Warehousing Management System,The intelligent order of the material is realized、Concentrated delivery、One -stop delivery,Forms "Delivery Order -Delivery Swallets — Delivery Filter Flike — Loading Confirmation -Driver Delivery — Signage Confirmation" full -process control mode,Realize the entire process of information transportation informatization closed -loop control。

It is understood,Shuangxin Mining Focus on "Create Digital Precision Control Smart Working Face" target,Explore the implementation of rapid excavation geological transparency,Use "long excavation and long probe" technical means,Realize the long distance of digging into the roadway、High precision、Intelligent advanced exploration,Focus on solving the excavation alternation、TMS short digging、Excavation continuation imbalance and other problems。2024 European Cup Live BettingAt that time,Extract efficiency will increase by more than 35%。

Standardized management will be improved

Enter 24105 working surface,I only see the lane lane with straight work surface、Flat pavement、Orderly pipelines at both ends、Schioplasses arranged neatly、High -efficiency drainage system ... This is a scene of standardized construction of the company。

"This is due to our construction of the slot、pavement rectification、Management of both ends、Scholar Management、Receiving materials for support materials、'Seven Standards' Management Standards for Top Plate Management and Drainage System Management,It is an important starting point for us to improve the standardization of coal mining operations。"Chai Biao, technician of the company's comprehensive mining team。

Since this year,The company insists on "lean creation、Steel Promotion、Dynamic maintenance "work ideas,Around coal mining operations、Three major points of excavation construction and auxiliary transportation standardization,Create "Mine、Department、District Team "three -level responsibility communication coordination mechanism,Strengthen the "Standard、Betting on Euro 2024Creation、Bidding "full chain management,Build high efficiency 2024 European Cup Live Bettingdigging、Continuous transportation fast operating line,Create the "half -hour transportation circle" under the well,Efficient and orderly production organization,The key breakthrough has driven a comprehensive improvement。

At the same time,They take the "lean improvement" and "re -inspection summary" as the two major starting points to promote standardization,Use thinking map、Lean Design、PDCA analysis method、Summary of lean improvement tools,Find the difficult point in the production process,Lean Design、Supervision and assistance、Tracking rectification,It has solved the decline of the working face transport aircraft、Slide pipe road hanging is not standard、District team warehouse management irregularities and other problems,Make sure that the standardization creation work is done at a time,Promote the level of lean management at the scene to continue to improve。

Cost control and compactness

"We will strictly implement the‘ business integration ’,Scientific compilation of capital budget,Improve the accuracy of the budget,2024 European Cup Betting EntranceStrengthen the training of financial personnel,Strict control Betting on Euro 2024of non -unnecessary expenditure,A controlled cost reduction,Comprehensively improve the level of financial management。"May 11,The company deputy chief accountant、Minister of Finance and Economics, Xiao Lamei, proposed specific measures after the financial management capacity building training class of the state -owned enterprise management cadre of the energy group。

Cost control is the benefits of the mine benefits。Shuangxin Mining Devouring Digging Live,Open source throttling,Implement the "Two Clear Wicing Warning" management assessment,Economic analysis normalization,The accuracy of the budget always remains above 95 %。Facing the sluggish challenge of the coal market,The company actively communicates with suppliers,Reasonably delay payment time,Effectively slow down the outflow of funds,Maximum reduction in the scale of funds occupied by suppliers and customers。The expiration of the agreement deposit agreement and the amount of non -useful funds are large,The way they innovate capital and create effects,Active coordination,increased Betting on Euro 2024the deposit rate of 70%,In the first quarter of financial funds, the creative efficiency European Cup football resultsincreased by 10%year -on -year,greatly alleviating the company's capital pressure。

other,The company uses "policy discount" Dongfeng,Increase the collection of research and development costs,Further reduce the company's tax burden pressure,In -depth research continues preferential income tax policies in western development enterprises,Improve the application for filing,Preparation of various data and data preparation。Current,Credit recognition of the China Coal Industry Association,Provide a solid foundation for the next step of the Development and Reform Commission。As of now,The company's minimum level of minimum cost of 178.35 yuan for the company's full cost,100.3%of the profit indicator,Realize low -cost operation、High -quality development。

"Next step,We will be based on safety、Smart、Efficient、Green ‘Type 4’ Mine Construction Requirements,Continue to improve the labor environment of employees、Reduce employee's labor intensity、Improve work efficiency,Promote the company's green low -carbon high -quality development 2024 European Cup Live Bettingwith scientific and technological innovation。"Hu Ping said with confidence。

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