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"Practical Model" developed in the western part of the New Era

  Zhang Wei  Chen Asia  弋 Yongjie    Release Date: May 17, 2024

May 9,Driven by General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted in Chongqing to hold a new era to promote the western development symposium for 16 days,Northwest mining design production capacity of 5 million tons/year oil house 矿,Holding the starting ceremony。It is another strong move to promote the western development in the new era of Shandong Energy,It is where the provincial and districts of the western development are located -Inner Mongolia's "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" energy comprehensive development plan and "Mongolian Coal Entering Lu" key project,It is also a state -owned energy supply stable supply,Optimize a major support for the coal industry structure。

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Nongchao's head stands, and the red flag is not wet.

General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted in Chongqing to hold a new era to promote the Western Development Symposium,The western region is important in the overall reform and development of the western region。It is necessary to grasp the implementation of the party's central government to promote the implementation of the western development policy measures,Further formation of great protection、Big Open、New pattern of high -quality development,Improve the overall strength and sustainable development capabilities of the region,Strive in Chinese -style modern construction to compose a new chapter in the development of Western Development。

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As early as 22 years ago,In the western region of Shaanxi, Xianyang, Xianyang, Shaanxi, which is far away from Shandong Headquarters, "First Mine" outside the province of Shandong Coal Industry -Tingnan Coal Mine,Shandong Energy Group dares to be the first in the northwest、take the lead in "eating crab" for development and construction。

conforms to the development trend of the western part,According to "One area,A management subject、An Investment subject "This principle,Shandong Energy Group Integration Ze Mine Group、Dragon Mine Group、New Mine Group、Lin Mining Group、Five units of Feicheng Coal Industry in Shaanxi、Shanxi、Gansu、The main mine in some areas of Inner Mongolia initiated the establishment of Northwest Mining,Registered place in Xi'an City。

The establishment of Northwest Mining is Shandong Energy Group deeply cultivating the western region、The strategic needs of deep integration to build the "Belt and Road" pattern。Since its establishment,Northwest Mining closely focuses on the vision of clean energy suppliers and world -class enterprises in Shandong Energy Group,According to the party committee secretary of the Energy Group、Chairman Li Wei "compete for a new round of reforms to strive for excellence" and "six contests to create excellence",Actively respond to the call of the era of "secondary entrepreneurship" in the province,Taking the creation of "Western Development Bridge Castle" as a position,overcome difficulties、Fighting forgiving,New progress has been made in promoting various tasks、New breakthrough、New results。

Current,Northwest Mining has more than 20 wholly -owned、Control equity belongs to unit,Industry European Cup football resultsis distributed in ten cities in the five provinces and districts Betting on Euro 2024of the five provinces and districts of Monte, Shaanxi, Gansu, Gansu。where,10 places for production of coal mines、Two places to build coal mines、Platform company 2、Specialized Company 6、Vocational College 1,12,000 employees。

Inner Mongolia、Guangxi、Chongqing、Sichuan、Guizhou、Yunnan、Tibet、Shaanxi、Gansu、Qinghai、Ningxia、12 provinces and regions and cities in Xinjiang,With 72%of the country's land area、27%of the population,In maintaining national ecological security、Water safety、Energy Resources Safety、The security of the national defense border has an important strategic position。

Strengthening measures Promoting the development of a new pattern for the development of the western region,Is the Party Central Committee、State Council starts from the overall situation,Socialism in response to socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era、Regional coordinated development has entered a new stage of new requirements,Coordinating the major decision -making deployment made by the two major situations in China。

Strategic issues are a political party、A country、The fundamental problem of an enterprise。Strategic judgment accurately,Strategic planning science,Strategic winning the initiative,The development of an enterprise can "full of vitality"。

Strategic thinking with strategic thinking、Welcome to challenges with strategic fixed force,Use strategic favorable conditions。Sober understanding "Time" and "potential",Knowing its righteousness in the forward -looking grasp。Northwest Mining has determined that the five -year development idea is determined as: adhere to a position,Gao Qing three flags,Build three cornerstones,The "1333" development idea of ​​the three -step target。

Northwest Mining has carried out a key layout in the west of the motherland。It is a wholly -owned second -level subsidiary of Shandong Energy Group,Affecting Energy Group in Shaanxi、Gan、Industrial investment and management of western provinces such as Mongolia、Relationship coordination and other main functions,Comprehensive performance of the "six major industries" in the area、Project investment financing、Technology R & D Reserve、Talent cultivation introduction and other responsibilities。

Responsibility and implementation of national strategic intentions,It is the mission of the era of state -owned enterprises。

Northwestern mining students are glorious at the time of its mines!

The design capacity of the oil room ore design is 5 million tons,service period 67.8 years,It is a key project in the new era of Northwest Mining to promote the development of the West,is to speed up the construction of Inner Mongolia base、A major event that improves the scale of the coal industry。It is also the first large -scale coal project of 5 million tons/year since the co -reorganization of the parent company Shandong Energy Group。The construction of this big project marks,Monte's two provinces to ensure national energy security strategic cooperation.,Local enterprise integration and development has reached a new level,The construction of oil room ore ore officially pressed the "Start button"。Post -production,will add new motivation to open the channel of "Mongolian Coal into Lu"。

Innovation driver: Create intelligent and efficient "new model"

In the past,Production technology、Concepts, etc.,The coal industry is positioned with "silly big black and rough" positioning。Mentioning coal miners,The image of "coal and sunspot" usually appears in people's minds。

People who have been to the Northwest Mining in Shandong,It may change this impression。

European Cup football resultsCurrent,Tingnan Coal Industry in Northwestern Mining Coal Mining Unit、Shuangxin Mining、Yongming Coal Mine and 6 companies,Election Companies in the mining service industry、Eco Company、3 units of Kange Company,9 units are rated as "high -tech enterprises",56.25%of the unit of production and operation activities,The proportion of quantity is more than half。All units undertake technical research difficulties and tasks in different fields。

Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、Guidance Opinions on the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the West in the New Era" issued by the State Council Requirements: Implement the new development concept,Promote high -quality development,Constantly improving innovation development capabilities。With innovative ability construction as the core,Strengthen innovation and open cooperation,Create regional innovation high ground。Improve demand -oriented、Innovation innovation system with an enterprise -based industry -university -research,Encourage various types of companies to set up scientific and technological innovation companies in the western region。

This time,The "Technical Specifications for TBM Installation of Coal Mine" and "Coal Mine TBM Entering Construction Technology Requirements", which are led by the Northwest Mining Coal Industry Leading Organization,,Approved by the National Energy Administration。This is the "first" industry standard for TBM equipment in the application of the coal industry,It marks an important step for the TBM device to take a digging process change,It also fully explained that Northwest Mining is at the forefront of the industry in the application of TBM equipment coal mineralization。

Three -stream companies make products,Second -running enterprises do brands,Standards for first -class enterprises。

Standard,is the benchmark of the industry,It is the world's "General Language",As long as in this industry,You have to do it according to the industry's standards,So the standard enterprise has absolute leading advantages。Standard disputes are called "Winners to eat" by economists,Who holds the standard,Often holding the industry,Who has the right to formulate the standard,Whoever has the initiative of the competition。

Northwest Mining focuses on high -level technology self -reliance,Participate in the release of national standards 2 items、Local standard 1,Published 5 items of industry standards、Group standard 5 items、Published 4 corporate standards; authorized 31 national invention patents、346 pieces of practical new patents。Most intellectual property technology has been applied to the scene,It plays a good innovative value -added role。Zhengtong Coal Industry has passed the intellectual property bidding certification、Get the honorary title of "Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Overlord Enterprise"; Huang Tuoti Corporation has passed the intellectual property management system certification; water and coal companies have passed the intellectual property bidding certification。

True gold and silver "smashed towards" technological innovation,Northwest Mining Cumulative investment of 1.1 billion yuan,115 items for implementing intelligent projects,9 production mines to achieve normal operation of intelligent coal mining。Shuangxin has passed the first batch of intelligent demonstration mines in the national level,4 coal mines passed the provincial intelligent demonstration mine acceptance。Cumulative 6 TBM、10 digging anchor all -in -one machine 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceintelligent excavation working surface。Zhengtong Coal Industry TBM realizes 2024 European Cup Live Bettingsmall radius turning corners,Tingnan Coal Industry's first large diameter TBM lane is developed after 6 meters.、23 meters in the day、Monthly 482 meters new level,Brush the highest record of Shandong Energy Group。

In the Intelligent Innovation Competition of the National Coal Mine Coal Mine Workshop,Five ownership units in Northwest Mining have won the National Coal Concert Intelligence Innovation Contest Award。where,Shuangxin Mining 24106 working noodles are rated as one level of thick coal seam intelligent comprehensive mining track、Tingnan Coal Industry 2412 working noodles and Dayheng Coal 49205 working noodles were rated as the first level of smart comprehensive track,Shaozhai Coal Industry 2502 working surface is rated as the second grade of the medium -thick coal seam intelligent comprehensive mining.、Yongming Coal Mine 1515 working noodles were rated as the second grade of thin coal seam intelligent comprehensive mining.。The intelligent construction of enterprises has realized the historic leap from "following" to "leading"。

Northwest Mining "Deep complex strata new TBM excavation equipment research and development and application" technology research and development,Won the only special prize in the 96 scientific and technological progress awards of Shandong Energy Group。They successfully formed the first "scientist+engineer" team,Selection of Qin Chuangyuan, Shaanxi Province Qinchuangyuan "Scientist+Engineer" team list,Become the only selected team in the company。

The transformation of scientific and technological achievements is full。Aiko's independently developed "Machine Vision -based composite glue tube wall thickness intelligent detection and adjustment system research and development" project,Sold it to Ukraine、Russia formed achievement transformation,Implementing income 795,000 US dollars。

The first intelligent sieve machine in the industry independently developed by the company's selection company is successful in the industry。The intelligent element of the sieve machine brings together the radar、Smart Sieve、Control module group and various advanced sensors and other smart devices,Related technical indicators can reach the leading industry in China、International advanced level。

Put forward with dreams: integrate into the area to show "new responsibility"

Lone wood is not forest, and single silk is difficult to form.

Create wealth for the country、Create value for society。Northwest Mining actively fulfills social responsibility to show its responsibility,Actively participate in the construction of infrastructure construction in the western provinces and regions、Poverty Alleviation Help,Do your best to increase the production of coal production。They actively promote the green stones green filling and mining、Environmental projects such as comprehensive utilization of mine water circulation,Create a batch of green smart mines,Leading industry development。

"Dare to social responsibility,Pursue Sustainable Development。The life and interests of excellent enterprises are connected with the country,Only the country is strong,Enterprises can settle down。We insist on ‘creating value for society、The concept of creating happiness for employees,Actively perform social responsibility,In the entire process of enterprise operation, the stakeholders、Social and environmental responsibility,Create the economy to the greatest extent、Comprehensive value of society and environment,Promote sustainable development,Enhance the core competitiveness 2024 European Cup Betting Entranceof the enterprise,Enhance the popularity of the enterprise、credibility and reputation。"Secretary of the Party Committee Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof the Northwest Mining Industry、Chairman Huang Shuxiang said,They increase Long Dian Lu、Supporting Qinghai and other work,Regional influence continues to increase。

Northwest Mining insists on sustainable development as the core,Efforts to create economic value、While realizing its own development,The impact of managing the operation of the company's operation on interests,Effective use of resources,Protect the ecological environment,Active integration into the local society,Persist in people -oriented,Promoting social harmony,Create the economy to the greatest extent、Comprehensive value of society and environment。

After the earthquake occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture,Northwestern mining ownership enterprise -Wuju Coal Industry actively fulfills social responsibility,Quick Action,Go all out to assist the local government to do a good job of post -disaster rescue work,Support the people in the earthquake -stricken area with actual actions to pass the difficulties。They set up a special work class,Quickly make production deployment,From the front line production to the selection transportation,All the people in the disaster area are mainly needed,Accelerate production。

At the same time,They actively coordinate special vehicles,Making coal supplies。The tension of the coal source is overcome、Based on difficulties such as bad weather and difficult roads,They make every effort to open up the green channel for blocks required for the disaster -stricken areas。Litter for more than 14 hours,More than 600 kilometers of "Pony non -stop",6 full -loaded 200 -tons of thermal value 5,000 calories coal safely arrived in Jaishiyama County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu,I sent warmth to the people in the disaster area,Demonstrate the responsibility of state -owned enterprises。

Actively perform social responsibility、On the basis of returning to society,Northwest Mining Organization launched a "Light Dream" classic masterpiece schoolbag public welfare donation activity,Donated more than 2740 books such as classic masterpieces including 5 schools including Shaozhai Town Central Primary School, Lingtai County,Health Emergency Pack 350 sets,350 security schoolbags,It has been well received by the local government and the majority of teachers and students。

Set a person,Happy home。Disabled people have employment positions,often can eat it,Significant reduction of family burden,Going to a new life,New hope。Northwestern Mining Aiko Company actively practiced "actively performing social responsibility" to take responsibility,Implement the employment policy of the disabled,Active connection with the Disabled Federation of the Residents and Government Units,Wide absorption of employment of people with disabilities,Send "Employment" to "Weak",Reduce the worries of the family of the disabled。

As of now,The company attracts 34 disabled employees for employment。Persist in working、Implementation of income distribution and evaluation of the first tree,They select advanced model disabled employees every year,Cumulative distribution of 78,000 yuan for assistance funds。A series of good deeds of the company,Get the station government、recognition of the surrounding people and society,Northwestern Mining Aiko Company is also awarded the "Disabled Personal Employment Base",Love Homeland adds light。

Break the waves: Start up to start "New Journey"

The annual round outline,The mark of the engraving forward,Always so unforgettable。

Main aspects of the main 2024 European Cup Live Bettingcontradictions and contradictions of things tightly,Focus on important deployment、Key work、major items,Northwest Mining to determine the 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancetoughness that Qingshan does not relax、Determination of not being repaid without breaking Loulan,Active pulling the benchmark、Press the whole process,Nuclear production capacity increase、Basic Construction、Resource Development and other batch of major events related to long -term breakthroughs,Credit Certificate Application、Disposity of stock assets、Financing cost reduction and other batch of problems that have not been solved for a long time are cracked。

Take the western region as the main position of development,Inherit and carry forward traditional advantages,Adhere to the idea of ​​internal and external development development,Grabbing the internal digging in one hand,Grabbing external development,Enterprise development enters the "fast lane"。Grasp the national storage and insurance policy window period,Give full play to the traditional advantage of fast mining,Cumulative 2 on the new mine and the nuclear increase in the production capacity of production and production of the production capacity。

Potential production potential is fully tap,"Add" 10 million tons of mine。Following the increase of 7.4 million tons/annual capacity in 2022,In 2023, an additional capacity increase capacity of 4.2 million tons,The total scale of production capacity jumped from 24 million tons/year before the regional integration to 35.6 million tons/year,The existing mine's verification capacity all reaches the theoretical highest value,Equivalent to "out of thin air" an extra 10 million tons of mine。Northwest mining nuclear increase in mining quantity and capacity account for 36%and 44%of Shandong Energy Group, respectively.,Realize historic leap,Locate the second place in Shandong Energy Group。

Northwestern mining decision makers insist on playing the foundation for longevity,Correctly deal with the relationship between stock and incremental,Make more skills in contemporary、Following in the long run、"Black Land" for doing a thick enterprise,Efforts to create a more complete development environment,Create a wider development space。

Stretching the pressure of the rolling stone up the mountain,The courage to take out the siege,The motility of the peeling meat,Determination of firm work。"Secondary Entrepreneurship" developed by the province、"Going before、Opening the New Bureau "as the responsibility,Cracking a lot of dilemma that has not been resolved for a long time,Tailing has become many important things that play the foundation for the long -term event。

The construction of Wupu Coal Industry Mine and Coal Selection Factory, located in Pingliang City, Gansu Province to achieve joint trial operation,The "three Gansu Provinces first": the first application for adjusting the construction scale in Gansu Province; the first enterprise in Gansu Province to submit to the state ministries and commissions to send changing documents; Construction ore。They seize the policy window period,The production capacity of the joint trial operation increased to 3 million tons/year。Wujia Coal Mine, which lasted nearly 2 years,Transfer to production。

In every detail of the turn,Breaking the breakthrough light and shadow ... "Shannengren" in the Northwest Mining Industry in the Northwest Mining Industry with a pioneering cow,Jianli Break the soil,Fun Holy Entry,Affairs of the danger to each other,Juli co -created the "Fire Red Age" that belongs to the vast northwest。

Pay close attention to mergers and acquisitions construction projects,2024 European Cup Betting EntranceEfforts to accelerate the development of resource incremental。Northwest Mining insists on using high -quality projects as a powerful engine and European Cup football resultshardcore support for high -quality development。Resource is the lifeline of resource -based enterprises,Obtaining resources is the work that is the top priority of a resource -based enterprise,It is the "Ace" and "Capital Card" for the sustainable development of the enterprise。

They insist on promoting special classes,According to the "increase in production capacity, an increase in a batch of batch、Accelerate the production of a batch、Start a batch of work deployment as soon as possible,Popularity to break through the increase in capacity increase and procedure for procedures。Not only that,They fully overcome a variety of adverse effects,In Shaanxi、Beijing、Shanxi、Inner Mongolia、Ben Bo Po, five provinces and districts of Gansu,Fully mobilize all resources,Explore solution。

Northwest Mining around the construction of resource development and new mine,Fully promote the extension capacity、Excellent stock,Basic guarantee for the sustainable development of thick planting enterprises。Internal coal expansion has achieved significant progress,Shuangxin Mining forbidden Line Adjustment Application Application was approved by the Ordo City Government,It is expected to add more than 40 million tons of high -quality recoverable reserves,Extend the service life for more than 7 years。

Breakthrough,Yes, there is never there,,It can never be available。It is a cognitive itener that looks high,It is a level jumping with a solution,Is a problem -oriented active attack,Is Gao Zhizhi's strategic active。

Grab the only opportunity to seize equity pledge expiration,Northwest Mining has undergone difficult negotiations,Eliminate the impact of the partner's accident,Hurry up before the evaluation filing expires,Realize the wholly -owned holding of a mine project and one chemical project with equity replacement.,Lift the risk of guarantee nearly 500 million yuan,880 million yuan of activated chemical assets、Activating coal mine sinking cost 1.68 billion yuan。

Difficulty of climbing、Danger of the beach、Difficulty of breaking the level,Venture of thousands of miles away,Far away from Shandong Energy Group Headquarters,How to show the "Essence God" of the "Mountain Ren" in the west?

The magnificent development history of the past two years confirms the northwest mining,The spirit of "the more arduous the more danger, the more forward",The determination of "less than the Great Wall is not a good man",Compared to the toughness of "Jiuqu Yellow River Enter the Sea"。

Promoting the spirit of the struggle,Effective resolution of the risk involved,Effectively protecting corporate rights and interests。Northwest Mining Util the use of legal weapons to defend corporate rights,Avoid and recover losses of 2.12 billion yuan。

Where is the Gate,Where is there a way out? Who can compete first,Who can laugh at the end? Only actively break the game,Decisive start,Decoration direction,Choose the first machine,can extract continuous power。

After 7 trials, a difficult lawsuit is a unit execution of the incident,Avoid the loss of state -owned assets 51.1 million yuan,Cutting off the chain reaction chain of the follow -up lawsuit。Promoting the spirit of the struggle,Resolutely safeguard the interests of the enterprise in accordance with the law,Two victory cases were included in the 4 "typical cases of major legal disputes" in Energy Group。

Create performance with the spirit of entrepreneurs,Win honor with unremitting European Cup football resultsstruggle。Northwest Mining was awarded the "May 1 Labor Award of Shaanxi Province"。Happy and happy things,Shaozhai Coal Industry, a subsidiary of Northwest Mining, won Betting on Euro 2024the "Gansu Provincial May 1 Labor Award"。Northwestern mining and ownership companies Shaozhai Coal Industry also obtained a "big prize" with high gold content at the same time,This is the local government's recognition of "foreign enterprises",It is also the best footnote for the development of western northwestern mining,It marks the development of local enterprises to develop a new level。

Development of the West, all the way! Strong, Northwest Mining!

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