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New Mine Group: High standards promote DAC study and education deeply

Author: Zhao Hui  Xu Jin  Zhang Na  Fan Ningning    Release Date: May 17, 2024

Since the start of party discipline learning and education,New Mining Group carefully planned arrangements,Carefully organize implementation,Through deepening theoretical learning、Strengthen public opinion guidance、Rich education content and other measures,System promotion prescribed action implementation,High standard、High -quality promoting party discipline learning and education deeply。

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New Mine Group to accurately grasp the goal requirements and learning points of party discipline learning and education,Implementation of original learning,Leadership Learn,Three modes of solving problems to study the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist 2024 European Cup Betting Euro 2024 qualifying resultsEntranceParty of China"。Requires each party member, especially party members, leading cadres to seal one by one, originally learned,Not only must we accurately grasp its main purpose、Regulations requirements,Also really engraved the Regulations in my heart、Best in your mind,Drives the red line in thought、Build the bottom line,What can I really understand、What can't I do,Frequent ideological alarm clock、Frequently tight discipline strings、Frequent awe of the heart。Require leading cadres to take the lead,Incorporate party discipline learning and education into the learning plan of the theoretical center group of the Party Committee,Precisely grasped political discipline、Organizational discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass Discipline、Work Discipline、Discipline "Six Discipline",Clarify the measurement ruler of daily words and deeds,Let the party members and cadres feel the party's strict management and love,Continuously enhanced political determination、Disciplinary Defining、Moral fixation and resistance to corruption。Formulate the "Party Discipline Learning and Education Work Plan",Clear goals and tasks、Learning content、Practical carrier and work requirements。Each party branch uses "three meetings and one lesson"、Political Learning Day Betting on Euro 2024and other methods,Carry out 2024 European Cup Live Bettinga special study,Deeply grasp the focus of party discipline learning,Learning to learn thoroughly,Deepen the understanding of party discipline and party discipline,Effective learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji。

New Mining Group also strengthens the change of party discipline learning model,A single "lecture" is a diversified "promotion",Open the "Party Discipline Study Education" column in the inner network,Fine "Party Discipline Learning Education List",The main points of interpretation of the Regulations,Clear task,arrangement courses,Improved the key work "construction drawing" and "timetable" and other methods to grasp school teaching,True theoretical learning "into the mind into the mind"。

Guide to public opinion, a strong atmosphere

"We make full use of the large screen of the well entrance、Publicity Bar、WeChat public account and multiple vectors,In -depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening party discipline construction。Actively organize and preach the small team to Jingkou、Enter the District Team,Promote the requirements of the Party Central Committee on the deployment requirements of party discipline and education and the provincial party committee、Shandong Euro 2024 qualifying resultsEnergy Group Party Committee、2024 European Cup Betting EntranceNew Mine Group Party Committee Work Site,Let the majority of employees know the situation、Ming Mission、Tree confidence。"Wu Hu, director of the party and mass work department of Zhaizhen Coal Mine, Xin Mine Group。

In order to create an atmosphere of party discipline learning and education,New Mine Group Carrying out the Lesson Classroom Learning Activity,Each unit uses WeChat public account to open a column of "Party Disciplinary Study Education",Push the "Learning Regulations on Party Discipline" and "Disciplinary Inspection" for the "Learning Regulations" and "Disciplinary Studies and Education Education" and party disciplinary study and education should be known for。Organize the preaching of the light cavalry deep into the district team、workshop and other first -line grassroots,Posted party discipline learning information to the majority of party members and cadres and active elements joined the party,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on strengthening party discipline construction and the new revision of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",Deepen the understanding of the party members and party discipline,Adhere to the use of party rules and party discipline thinking Euro 2024 qualifying resultsand action。They also read red classic books、Share 2024 European Cup Live Bettingred story and other methods,Integrated party discipline education、Party Education、Integrity education,Improving the fun and participation of party discipline learning,Created a strong atmosphere of learning party discipline。

Education content, integrate daily

"In the future work,Learn lessons、Anti -bow,Keep a sober mind at all times,Building a prison refusal corruption and defense thinking line,Do your job wholeheartedly,Convert warning education results into knowledge and awe、Starting fear、Mingfa discipline、Actual action to keep the bottom line,Repair for the high -quality development of the enterprise。"",New Mine Group Discipline Inspection Commission Organization Organization Department、56 party members and cadres in the province,Visit and study at Jinan Prison,Receive warning education on the spot。

"Party discipline learning and education not only find‘ new ’,Requires 'real'。We have carried out the typical educational activities of 'red' 'black',Let party members and cadres resonate emotional,Touched in the heart,Really print the party rules and party discipline in the heart,Always be loyal、Clean、Responsibility。​​"Deputy Secretary of the New Mine Inner Mongolia 2024 European Cup Live BettingEnergy Party Committee、Introduction to the chairman Euro 2024 qualifying resultsof the union Liu Chenggang。

Energy of Inner Mongolia in New Mine,They organize disciplinary committees、Organ personnel、"Four Management Personnel" at the grassroots units、More than 100 party members such as new college students,Go to the surrounding red education base、Yinchuan Prison and other places receive party education and clean government warning education。Education through the "front and back" on the spot,Let party members and cadres enhance the concept of party spirit and consciousness of integrity。They also organize all party members and cadres to watch warning educational films such as "Lost" and "Abyss",Further deepen the case to promote teaching、Promoting treatment with the case、Promote reform with the case。

Focus on the main line of "learning party discipline",New Mine Group for the leadership team、New promotion cadre、young cadres、Key objects such as cadres such as key positions,In -depth study of the "Chinese Communist Party Constitution", "Regulations on the Disciplinary Disciplinary Disciplinary of the Communist Party of China", "Regulations on the Accountability of the Communist Party of China", "Compilation of Important Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party" and other content,The process of learning 2024 European Cup Betting Entrancethe party discipline becomes a consciousness of enhanced discipline、Betting on Euro 2024The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。At the same time,Focus on integrating daily、Learning use combination,Deepen understanding and use,Persist in grabbing two hands to promote,Practice the development of party discipline and education with the implementation of major decision -making deployment of superior organizations、Completion of various key tasks is closely combined,By carrying out warning education、Anti -clean interview and other activities,Keep an eye on key areas of key areas,Make all party members and cadres wake up for the police、Ming bottom line、Awewed。

Focusing on the Study Meeting、Explanation of the case、Educational Period,New Mining Group based on actual work,In the next step, we will also carry out typical case warning education,Party discipline and party rules and party rules,Ji Fa Education Month,Clean Speech Video Collection Activity,Party Disciplinary Knowledge Competition "Five One" activity,Effectively grasp the party discipline learning and education activities in frequent,Incorporate daily,Make party discipline learning and education activities deeply,Create the development environment of the wind and clear the air,Promote the high -quality development of enterprises。

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