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Read the cost of reducing the cost of reducing the "True Scripture" to open the "good recipe" to increase efficiency

—— Documentary in Northwest mining cost reduction and efficiency

Author: Bi Haoyu  Release Date: May 17, 2024  Source: Shandong Energy Group

Innovative layout of more than 700 days,秣 秣,More than 700 days of struggle ... Since the second anniversary of the establishment of the Northwest Mining Industry,Comprehensive implementation of the "13567" development model of Shandong Energy Group,Stimulate hard core reality,Effects to the scale of production,Submit the "Answer Ben" for the high score of reduction high scores for Shandong Energy Group。

For two years,Northwest Mining has solidly carried out the "two increases, three declines and four improvements" activities and the "two -way integration norms" activity,Organic combination of market -oriented "invisible hands" and lean "tangible hand",From process management、Effect Management、Cost management multi -dimensional start,reduction cost、Equipment、Increase income、Grasp Betting on Euro 2024the Betting on Euro 2024key,Go all out to fight cost reduction and efficiency and attack.。

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Turnive reduction and efficiency is the key to the company's core competitiveness。Northwest Mining is closely focusing on the theme of the "Integration and Improvement Year" activity,Deepen the clear warehouse library、Repair Old Profit Waste、Tax cuts and other forms of various forms of cost reduction and efficiency increase activities,Further enhanced all staff saving consciousness,Do "hold watermelon、Pick up sesame "。2023,Cumulative tax cuts and costs 530 million yuan,Clearance Libu survives 140 million yuan。  

Tingnan Coal Industry Focus on cost control,Adhering to the principle of "grabbing big and not small",Precise implementation of the "Top Ten Turplers",Reducing material consumption、Improve the ability to reuse、Reducing labor costs such as reducing labor costs、Deep dig into the internal dive,Effectively eliminating the phenomenon such as "running and dripping" and other phenomena,Make sure that all kinds of materials and materials under the well are used to do everything,Resolutely win the company's cost reduction battle。2023,The company's cumulative savings increase efficiency of 100 million yuan。

Shaozhai Coal Industry closely focuses on the theme of "breakthroughs",In -depth implementation of "two increases, three declines and four improvements", "management efficiency、Assets improvement "" Six End and Six -mention "fusion management deepening and other digging efficiency European Cup football resultsEuro 2024 qualifying resultsimprovement methods,To reduce the hedge price。They insist on thinking about the ice、Struggle Breaking the game、Mechanism breaks questions,Taking the efficiency of increasing efficiency as an important work measure,Practice Internal Gong、Grab management、Dig potential、Make efficiency,Establish a "stepped" cost management and control mechanism from top to bottom,While increasing production, the total cost decreases by 9.6 million yuan year -on -year,Effectively do a good job of reducing the "big article"。

"Increasing income" carefully calculates the dedication

In the first quarter of 2024,Northwest Mining closely focuses on the theme of "project tackling",

Sprint when it starts、Struggle for the start of the start of the start of the start of the battle,The quality of economic operation is steady and rising。  

In the face of the continuous decline of coal prices, the tension situation,Northwest Mining is always market -oriented,Persist in adjusting the structure、Stability of coal、Strong Service,Maximum benefits。

Wuju Coal Industry actively implements the "two increases, three declines and four improvements" requirements,firmly establish the "too tight life" thought,Taking the integration management of "six essence and six mention" as the means,Increase work intensity around the word "tone",According to the change of the scene under the well,Timely adjust the method of washing and selection of coal selection,Do a good job in the work of the selection system and digging efficiency。At the same time,Strengthen European Cup football results2024 European Cup Betting Entrancetracking sampling,Optimized sampling testing process,Add sampling frequency,Master the change of coal quality at all times,Report coal quality data every day,Fine production plan,Ensure the qualification rate of coal。In the first quarter of 2024,The company rationally optimizes the product structure of more than 6.4 million yuan。

Not only that,Non -coal units in Northwest Mining insist on products、Service、Marketing "Three Tail Tips",Realized more flowers、Stable development。Aiko Company developed with five major industries,7 businesses enter the energy group collaborative directory,Auxiliary transport、Environmental protection governance,Relying on the technology information industry to achieve rapid and substantial development。Kange Company relies on the National Confill Center,Based on Northwest Mining、Three markets in the energy group and the coal industry,constantly grow bigger and stronger, make excellent charging industries,They successfully developed low -strength new gel materials,The 6 industry standards preparations are released。

"Upper Equipment" technology empower creative benefits

Tingnan Large Diameter TBM Monthly Lane 482 meters,Refresh the highest record of construction monthly in the same category; Zhengtong 3407's first intelligent coal mining work surface is stable under multiple disaster and complex conditions; Daheng has passed Shanxi Province's junior intelligent mining test ... in recent years,Northwest Mining Through scientific and 2024 European Cup Live BettingBetting on Euro 2024technological innovation,Actively promote the intelligent construction of mine,Empowerment to the high -quality development of the enterprise。

Northwest Mining Around the "Smart Mine Construction" goal,Strongly carry out the operation of reducing people and efficiency,Continuously increase technology investment,Continue deepening cooperation with the Institute of Scientific Research,Breakthrough in intelligent construction multiple key technical bottlenecks,Scientific and technological innovation and technical application results are significant,Empowerment with wisdom,Realize that corporate coal mining less people,Excavation rapid、Washing selection intelligence。

April this year,Special Action Promotion Association of Intelligent Coal Mine Construction in Xianyang City is successfully held in Zhengtong Coal Industry,The results of the intelligent construction of northwestern mining are fully displayed,Intelligent construction has been fully affirmed by government departments,The influence continues to increase。Since the company was established,The company has successively constructed intelligent projects for 30 items、345 reductions,9 smart coal mining working surfaces maintain normalization operation,Automatic and probability overall reached 85%or more,Intelligent comprehensive release、Comprehensive acquisition、The number of working noodles of thin coal seams controls at the lowest level in the industry,Realized staff、Efficiency、The essential safety of security control。

In the hard work of promoting intelligent construction,Northwest Mining Intelligent Innovation Competition in the National Coal Mine Coal Mine Workshop Intelligent Innovation Contest was announced by the excellent organization,Five ownership units have won a series of awards such as the National Coal Concert Intelligent Innovation Contest Awards,The level of intelligent construction of enterprise is promoted from "following" to "leading" in the industry。

"Grasp the Key" deep digging the internal submissions

Northwest mining is based on value creation,Make the trend、Make the trend,Using industry development trend as a request to seize opportunities,Adhere to the "one mine, one policy" to implement the quality adjustment action,Actively adapt to market changes and industry adjustment requirements,Grasp the key point of "production washing",Grasp the initiative of market research,Dynamic optimization product structure,Constantly activate coal sales leading,Continue to grasp the use of washing and sales、Digging product added value,Maximize the benefits。

The implementation of Zhengtong Coal Industry to control moisture、Control of vermiculite、Control particle size、Control the "Four Control" full -process coal quality management system as the starting point,Grasp product quality supervision,By formulating the implementation of the "Measures for the Management of Coal Quality Management",Strengthen the full -process coal quality dynamic inspection,Take the "Section+Location" 2024 European Cup Live Betting on Euro 2024Bettingmethod in the well,For the production of the main coal flow "whole process、All -in -one "coal sample inspection and inspection,The results of the data of the sampling test,Timely analysis,Reasonably adjust the product structure,Make sure the qualification rate of coal quality test is 100%。

Shuangxin Mining is a problem with the quality of overcurrency of raw coal during the production period,Timely transforming the clay conveyor belt,By adding a plow -type unloader and a groove,Mix the drying clay with Moral Coal,Effectively control the quality of coal。At the same time, technical transformation of the shallow grooves of the coal washing plant,The processing volume increases nearly 10%,Further improves the accuracy of the sorting。As of now,They have been mixed with more than 7,000 tons of drying clay; 15 selected coal technology reform projects are put into operation on schedule,and comprehensively use Changxie Coal pricing and shipping policy,Legal placement of 7.85 million tons of Changxie Coal。

Dapeng rises with the same wind a day,Fuyao directly to 90,000 miles。In the journey of high -quality development,It is inevitable to face difficulties and dangers、Puzzle and confusion,The majority of cadres and employees in the northwestern mining industry will seize the opportunity、Take the potential,Together with the same heart、pragmatic as,courage to dare to compete、Gallbladder with dare to attack、The pride of daring to win,Fully promote the target task to achieve "double half",Make new contributions European Cup football results2024 European Cup Betting 2024 European Cup Betting EntranceEntranceto the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise。

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