What We Do

Our lab studies topics of justice, morality, politics, stereotyping, and ideology from social psychological, social cognitive, motivational science and organizational behavior perspectives.


We are looking for smart, dedicated, and hardworking undergraduates who will be able to volunteer 6–10 hours per week. If you are interested in the work that we are doing and would like to be a part of it, please email us!

Who We Are


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Aaron C. Kay is the director of the ACK! Lab.
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Jordan Axt received his Ph.D. in 2017 from the University of Virginia. He is currently a postdoc in the ACK! Lab and at the Center for Advanced Hindsight. His research explores how people form and express intergroup bias in attitudes and behavior.
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Ph.D. Students

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Sean Fath’s research broadly explores (1) people’s lay beliefs about social and organizational stratification and (2) the ways in which decision makers use different types of information when evaluating others. For instance, in one line of work, he explores popular assumptions about managerial hierarchy and the ways these assumptions influence people’s beliefs about different organizations and the people who work in them. In another line of work, he examines the appeal of potentially biasing information in evaluative contexts and people’s naïve theories about how the use of such information affects their decisions and evaluations.
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Daniela Goya-Tocchetto’s research explores the nature and impact of ethical decisions in organizations and society more broadly. She is particularly interested in the psychological mechanisms that enable the maintenance of unjust organizational and social arrangements.

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Jae Yun Kim is a Ph.D. student in Management and Organizations at Duke University. His research primarily examines how popular ideas of self-help and self-improvement (e.g., women’s empowerment messages, advice to pursue one’s passion, and the belief in the power of thinking) shape perceptions of fairness, inequality, and legitimacy.

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Anyi Ma is a Ph.D. candidate in Management and Organizations at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. She is interested in the broad concept of agency in organizations. Her research is split into two broad streams: (1) How does agentic experiences (i.e., being in control, having choices) influence organizational outcomes, and (2) How are agentic people perceived at the workplace, and the implications of these perceptions for gender and leadership.

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Rebecca Ponce de Leon’s research broadly explores prejudice, inequality, and identity, especially the way stereotypes and ideology affect perceptions in the workplace. She is particularly interested in bias in the workplace and the ideological underpinnings of motivated cognitive processes. She also studies intersectional identities, specifically the way in which race moderates the female gender stereotype and how these varied stereotypes about women operate at different organizational levels.